Field Services Package

POS Staging

Staging of the POS is the first step for Perfect, and in order to complete the staging, perfect will either obtains access to the POS terminal management system for POS profile set up or The Acquirer will facilitate the profile set up together with Perfect technicians for initialization. Then Perfect will proceed with the testing and rest of the staging activities including:

  • POS Application download
  • POS Parameterization
  • POS Key Injection
  • Initialization
  • Full Testing (Transaction & Settlement)
  • Sticker placement
  • Packing to Merchant with all other materials

POS Deployment & Merchant Training

The complete deployment solution covers all merchant needs regarding the deployment processes. This will include:

  • • Pre-Installation Call for Visit Scheduling
  • Merchant Training upon Installation
  • Terminal User Guide Hand-over
  • Initial Consumable Hand-over
  • Standard Decaling

Consumable & Supplies Management

Perfect will supply Merchant as follows:

  • Consumables
  • • POS stickers
  • terminal user guide
  • brochures
  • flyers and decaling supplies provided by The Acquirer

Repair Onsite & Replacement

Perfect will react promptly as soon as a merchant problem is recorded. Once a problem is reported, the following steps will be taken:

  • "Call-Back” will be executed from the 1ST Line support team to deeply investigate the incident and try to repair it online.
  • Emergency Merchant site visit will be performed if required
  • Upon realizing that a 2nd line repair is required Perfect will keep inventory from different POS types for fast track replacement
  • brochures
  • New terminal will be fully staged and tested to confirm that accurate repair has been offered
  • Replacement form will be completed and merchant training will be provided in case the replacement was done using a different terminal vendor or model

Terminal Withdrawal

Perfect will perform terminal withdrawal upon The Acquirer request. Withdrawal visits should be coordinated with the Acquirer sales forces since merchant resistance may be faced

Proactive Quality Assurance Visits

Perfect offers the professional services that ensure that The Acquirer is in a constantly proactive and continuously strong relationship with their merchants. This could be enhanced and strengthened by executing regular merchant visits. The frequency of these visits will be decided based on the merchant class. The regular visits will be handled according to a pre-set visit form designed in coordination with The Acquirer. The proactive visit objectives may include the following:

  • Checking all terminals status and confirming that they are in operation
  • Sufficient consumables availability
  • Re-testing all terminals

Merchant Satisfaction Survey

Perfect will take the responsibility of performing satisfaction surveys with The Acquirer merchants. This will be performed on a regular basis or upon THE ACQUIRER request according to a pre-set scenario. Surveys may target any of the following:

  • Front line cashiers
  • Merchant supervisors
  • Merchant outlet manager
  • Merchant customers
The surveys can also be directed at specific MCC or Merchant Class. The merchant surveys may target a mass number of merchants or a very specific merchant specimen.

Merchant Questionnaire

Upon The Acquirer request, Perfect will manage information gathering in the form of a merchant questionnaire. These questionnaires may be created by The Acquirer as a means of collecting any information about any of the following:

  • • Changes in merchant business hours
  • • Changes in merchant number of transactions
  • • Activation questionnaire
Standard Decaling will be performed upon installation and will be reviewed along with any merchant visit. However if The Acquirer wishes to install any special decaling material such as stands, Perfect is ready to implement this as well.